Is a pap test a full STD screening?

15 Apr

Q: I have genital warts. My wife has had pap test each year with negative results. She doesn’t know why nothing shows or why she never got it. Is a pap test a full STD screening? My concern is if the doctor can’t find a problem,then they can’t treat the problem. I read some are immune to symptoms. One thing for sure is she has other issues that she is seeing her gynecologist regularly for.

Male HPV picture
A: a pap smear issued to screen for abnormal cervix cell changes. The abnormal cervical cell changes could be associated with cervical cancer. A pap smear doesn’t test for STDs such as HIV, hepatitis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and other STDs. Sometimes STD could remain silent in the body. It’s great your wife is getting checked for HPV. If either partner is in an open relationship or dating other people it’s important to get tested for STDs.

The human body often weakens HPV. When HPV surfaces the skin a genital wart outbreak may occur. HPV could also hide in the skin. Getting genital wart outbreaks just depends how an individual’s body reacts to the virus. There is really no science to getting genital wart outbreaks. According to the Center for Disease Control if an individual didn’t get genital wart outbreaks for two or more years there is a 90% chance the human body completely fought the virus off.