After the first Herpes outbreak, why did I go so long before I had another one with different symptoms?

5 Mar

Q: I have been to the DR. in 2010 and yes it came back positive. Then I went 2 years with nothing. In September, I broke out after eating a mountain of shrimp, and had this blood like blister but no pain so I used Lysine and thought I was getting better, and the blood blister was like it was drying up and going away but today I went to the DR again and he has me on Valacyclovir twice a day for a year, when I took it before, I didn’t like the feeling it gave me. but now I don’t care just clear up this mess..Is this the only medicine that makes it go back into hiding?

Genital herpes photo on womenAll of this is so frighting and makes me feel dirty, sick and so mad at myself.I am waiting for the symptoms to slow up. after the first outbreak why did I go so long before I had another one. And why was it not a runny blister like the first one? The Dr didn’t do another test, do I need one?
A: There really isn’t a direct answer about why the outbreaks look different for certain people. Herpes just travels through different nerve pathways in the central nervous system. Herpes Outbreaks usually occur in the same spot. When the virus surfaces the skin that’s often a result of any herpes symptoms. If you were diagnosed with herpes once before there most likely isn’t a need for another test. A doctor usually diagnoses herpes by seeing the virus. Sometimes the body weakens the virus and a blood test doesn’t detect herpes. If blood work ever shows negative that doesn’t mean you don’t have herpes. It just means the virus is dormant. This is good to know for your own knowledge.

The disease herpes doesn’t discriminate again age, race, social status, income and gender. This could happen to anyone. Only the ignorant judge an individual for having an STD. Continue trying to meet your herpes match and don’t let herpes make you feel depressed or any less of a person. You’re still the same person. If safe sex happens the chance of passing the virus to a partner could be low.

ValacyclovirValtrex and Acyclovir are the most common used medications to treat herpes. Maintaining a strong immune system is sometimes more effective. Just remember medication typically reduces the symptoms of herpes. However, it’s not uncommon to experience some symptoms of herpes even while taking medication.