Fitting room can spread herpes and other STDs.

22 Apr

women freaked out by herpesWhen it gets warm, ladies go to their favorite stores intensely and trying varies of colorful dresses. However, these fitting rooms meet many strange people every day and some of the meets may be not so sanitary. There are a lot of facts about the fitting room people should know:


1. The majority of the bacteria live in the clothes.

According to a 2011 report by CNN, most of the bacteria in the fitting room don’t live in the fitting room, they live inside of the colorful dresses you are trying on, after every customer tries it on. So, you’d better wear some underneath to try your new favorite dresses.

2. You can get bacteria if you have any lesion or injury on your skin.

If you have any open cuts made by your fingersnails or a shaver, it is very easy for bacteria to enter your body during you are trying on dresses in the changing room. You’d better cover your wounds up and keep yourself safe.

fitting room with herpes3. You can get Herpes from fitting rooms.

When you try on swimsuit in the fitting room, please pay attention that your genital area is contacting the very same place as the previous customers who tried on that specific suit. Fecal bacteria and infectious viruses like herpes can enter your body if you have open cuts at your genitalia. Doctors suggest that people wear full-coverage underclothes to try on pants, especially for swimsuits.

4. Bacteria can live on the dress for up to half a year.

Common bacteria can live on cotton clothing for a few days, while MRSA can live in the underclothes you wear when trying on clothes or the new dress you purchased for up to half a year. To avoid you are infected by those bacteria or STDs like Herpes, HPV, experts recommend washing your underclothes and new dress right after leaving the mall.

Yes, you may get bacteria and contagious diseases like herpes, but don’t be freaked out of the shopping mall. If you are cautious enough, you can absolutely protect yourself.